Becky Field Life Coach

We have all heard of calm before the storm but what about the other way round?

In 2005 I was abusing my body with alcohol and binge eating to try and change the way I felt about myself. Externally I was a successful tutor, on good money and a fabulous life, but I was lost, angry and desperate. I got sober in September 2005 just in time to make amends to my mum before she died suddenly in March 2006.

So then what? Feeling absolutely devasted and lost, I stayed sober. I got better and I learnt to take life one day at a time. Then my dad died.

The loss of both parents meant that a dysfunctional family had no captain to steer the ship. And we scattered. Loss, anger and fear became our only language. Until the inevitable happened. I lost me. I can’t deny it was an emotional breakdown and I won’t lie to you and say I was a victim in any of it, I wasn’t. I just did not know how to live without the captains in my life.

I had to relearn. I had to face change head on or I would literally drive my car into a wall. Just admitting that may sound ‘dramatic’ but that’s how I felt.

So, the chaos again took me to a place of willingness to say ‘no more’, ‘enough’ and thankfully I knew it was time to make changes.

This is why I am a Coach. Coaching has set me free, it gave me back the hope I had lost. It gave me courage to change, permission to let people, places and situations go and to face life vulnerable but empowered.

Today I don’t run from change. The unrest which speaks to me needs to be silenced. Coaching does that. It calms the chaos. If you are in chaos and want to make changes, or even just to talk things through, I’m here.

I know it can bring about the empowerment I have experienced and the freedom and peace of mind we all need.

Don’t suffer. 07421 357279

Love, Your Coach, Becky xx

Becky Field, Life Coach. BA Hons, Cert Ed. ACCHP

Academic Qualifications

Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring in the workplace 

Qualified Teacher Learning & Skills

Certificate in Education

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

BTEC ND Graphic Design, A-Level Art

9 GCSE’s all at C and above


Training & Professional Qualifications

Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring in the workplace 

Senior Member of ACCHP

Affiliate Member of International Society of Qualified Coaches

Wellbeing Coaching Endorsed by ILM. British School of Coaching

Diploma in NLP Coaching and Training

Level 3 Introduction to Management

Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills

Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Concepts

Certificate in Bereavement & Loss

Behaviour Management and Target setting

Safeguarding Training, Equality and Diversity

Data Protection Training

CPD in Dealing with Difficult Situations

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