Creative Coaching Workshops!

Creativity is proven to help improve mood, help stress and is a great way to nurture yourselves. As an ex Art Tutor these creative coaching sessions will be a gentle way of using creativity, mark-making and journaling to help with self care. It is an indulgent couple of hours for you to spend with friends in a loving, warm, confidential environment which is just perfect for you to explore your emotions and feelings in a safe and supportive group setting.


Benefits of Group Coaching

You will realise that you are not alone and will find support by sharing goals and finding out what strategies have worked week by week. Group learning is confidential and enlightening. You will have a support group which will stand by you as you start to make effective, long-lasting changes.

Support between sessions means that I will be on hand for accountability calls to help you reach the actions you set for yourself.

You are in control and, with group coaching, you will be empowered by the movement you see in yourself and others. 


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