Vision Board Workshops

These are a fabulous way to help people become unstuck but also to add excitement by focusing on what ‘vision’ they would like in their whole lives or one specific area. It works wonders for team building!

The workshops start with (tea/biscuits as standard) looking at a life wheel which helps people to identify which areas of their lives they would like to improve. This is where we look at their current reality. I use a coaching method called GROW and, depending on the length of the workshop, we would look at the first two areas within the method – GOALS and REALITY.

Over a 3 hour workshop we cover these two areas. It also allows the participants to connect with each other and talk to each other while talking about their goals.

The last 2 areas are OPTIONS & WAY FORWARD. These can then be achieved over a longer session, however people are also given the opportunity to develop personal actions within a 1-1 coaching environment.

1-1 Empowerment Coaching sessions help participants to open up to the possible options they could take and my role as coach is to empower them to feel able to take steps towards these options at the end of the sessions. The WAY FORWARD is very specific and narrows down the participants to committed actions and accountability.

Benefits of Vision Board Workshops

By taking time to look at your life balance you actually allow yourself to look at areas or an area of your life where you want to be empowered.

You will create a vision of how you would like that area to be and bring this to the forefront of your mind. Then it becomes possible!

You will be coached to look at where you are and where you want to be. You will leave the workshop with action points that will enable and empower you to start making changes. These committed actions bring your vision into reality.

£60pp for workshop for 3 hours. (Groups)

All participants will have the opportunity to take additional sessions to continue with action planning and accountability. These will be offered at a rate of £60pp per session.
Minimum groups of 4 to run.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

This can be offered as 1-1

“The vision board workshop was a great experience and allowed me the opportunity to get creative.  Becky was a great host providing a safe, supportive and friendly atmosphere.

I really liked the fact that we did a wheel of life chart before we did the vision board, as this helped to focus in on the aspect of my life that I needed to put my attention on. I highly recommend the workshop and I’m looking forward to attending the next workshop. Also the cake was great!!!”   

Sarah C

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